Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bailing Out The Plutocrats

Hart Williams scares people, Sean Hannity wet his pants on air over some Hart scrutiny. Not that he isn't the loudest mouthed pseudo-tough guy around, but Hart was just looking at him. Now in this article Hart let's the cat out of the bag about just where the Sub-prime mess had its biggest booster, are you going to be surprised that it was that plutocratic enabling BushCo? The machinations to manage that are rather ugly - does your phone click and hum Hart? If you think I'm a rowdy, you don't know Hart and if you don't know Hart you don't know some things you ought.

Hart researches the snot out of the things he covers, he digs and digs and pulls tangled skeins in from places you'd never think to look - and you should have. His Vorpal Sword.

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