Thursday, March 06, 2008

Clintonian Stupidity

I am ordinarily reluctant to include a Democratic candidate and the word stupidity in the same sentence, or especially title. Hillary Clinton and her campaign are asses. Let me be clear, there are places you do not go as a Democrat. The 3:00AM commercial was fear mongering, that was not smart, not for a Democrat. Politically it was apparently of use, vote wise. Post Primary it may have been extremely stupid. If you manage with this particular kind of crap you've set in motion a scenario where the other candidate's backers would rather spit on you than help.

Let's move on a to pretty darn stupid (more categories to come), vetting the Republican candidate, McBush, as more qualified than your Democratic candidate competition. If I remember correctly, the idea is to try to beat BushCo II, not pump it up. I'm glad McBush survived the Hanoi Hilton with honor, good for him. Such a thing doesn't make him an expert at anything other than surviving as a POW. George II ostensibly knows how to fly a fighter plane, that's been helpful. His years in the Senate show some real experience at getting too cozy with, oh say, Charles Keating. Or then there are some issues around torture that, say, a former tortured POW might really want to take a very principled stand on, that he did not. This is the butt wipe that Hillary touts above Barack Obama. Her experience has yet to be spelled out as more than sleeping (maybe) with the President.

Real stupid, next category for $0.05 please, is sticking your finger in the DNC's eye about non-elections you agreed were non-elections from the outset. MI and FL can be addressed by them holding approved delegate selections. That part is not hard to understand, they did not have such a thing, they have no delegates, they don't count, never did and will not unless the DNC proposes to implode - I don't think they do. The question remaining, the real one, is getting something together in time...and paying for it. The Republican Florida Governor, Charlie Christ, proposes that the DNC should cough up, you know, their campaign funds... AHAHAHA. You people screwed this up, not the DNC. YOU. Guess what Hillary, I don't know any Democratic activists that're exactly pleased with the mess, but you're sure not helping. Just exactly how badly do you want to piss off the Democratic Party's machinery, who have to live with rules?

Now for the nasty, terminal stupidity. Referring to your opponent as Ken Starr for asking about tax returns brings up some things some of us are old enough to remember as pretty darn obnoxious. OK Hillary, let's talk about Ken Starr, let's talk about the stupid and less than upstanding things that led to Ken Starr. Let's bring up memories of missing records that couldn't be found and link them to tax returns that can't be produced. Boy, maybe we ought to dig around in Travelgate to go along with Whitewater, and while we're messing about in Ken Starr and all that, who was that Monica? Somehow connected with a Paula? Cripes. You complete dumb head, you were there, why in the name of anything intelligent would you bring ole' Ken back into the picture? You expect sympathy? You'll get none here, your actions kicked off that mess, certainly not rising to the level of the Republican hypocrisy, but it was YOU.

Here's the deal, Hillary, you demonstrate your ethics and your judgement with each and every day on the campaign trail. You keep coming up short. You show just how much you care about winning and what lengths you're willing to go to, and it looks bad. I'm sick to death of Rovian politics, I'm sick to death of politics at any cost from the Republicans. The charge has been previously made that you play politics like a Republican, need you prove it? I don't mess around with you pukes, you play against America's interests and historical liberties and I'll call you down as hard as I know how. I'm enough of a Democrat to kick you around here and admit I'd vote for you in November, but holding my nose and trying not to retch didn't have to be the situation this time around. It did involve nose holding, from the outset, but the vomit reaction is recent. Knock it off.

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