Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Experience Mantra, Hillary?

Leave aside the question of whether sleeping with the President is experience, let's talk about the reality of campaigning. This is the candidate who last spring was the presumptive nominee, all the media and all the pundits called it a gimme. This is the voice of experience we're supposed to take seriously, she's in deep do-do against a black guy with a Muslim middle name and a generally funny sounding name. Do what?

This is the person who put this campaign together, it's her baby. She chose the people. Terry McAuliff and Mark Penn? And the rest of the campaign? This is George II's foray into Iraq all over again. The super power stuck in the mud against a second rate power. Except for a real difference, despite the middle name Barack isn't a half-assed organizer and thinker. He's put together a real proffessional and effective machine, not an "I'm a name" campaign, the real deal. He's struck out on ground that is astonishing, the pieces that've been missing from Democratic politics for decades. Youth and minority and poverty.

Now, let's talk about practical experience, like putting together a winning organization.

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KISS said...

As for me it's Diddle Dee or Diddle Dum, nothing for me to be excited about. Either one will get my vote, only because McCain is such a lousy human being. If the repugs would have run a moderate, not RR candidate, my vote would have gone to him/her.
My disappointment still lies in that we have a locked two party system under the thumb of Big Business.