Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spinning Fear

Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D) just got done spinning the 3:00 AM ad. It's hopeful. Do what? Mommy gazing at sleeping children at 3:00 AM hoping the Prez will answer the phone? Let's see, that call is undoubtably about - how the Cribbage game went? Give me a break, the message is clear, the world is a bad dangerous place and only the Clintons (we get two for the price, remember) can deal with it. The world has always been what it is now. Always.

History books that deal with any era tend to be pretty thick, and most of that thickness is devoted to conflicts. Get it? The world is what it is and what it has been and that is neither extraordinarily dangerous nor a playground for children. Judgement counts, as does the ability to measure people. Now Clinton claims that judgement, but at the same time she was mislead (or something) by BushCo. This outfit that scammed (?) her is the Executive Branch of the US Government, not some foreign country. It is not a foreign sovereign nation with and agenda that has nothing to do with the US, the people that lead her down the primrose path are our own citizens. Citizens with a written record of aims and desires and policy methods. There was a sizable un-panicked group that called BS, including myself. Does that make me more Presidential in caliber than Hillary? Well, we wouldn't be in Iraq.

That ad doesn' scare me, or impress me. It pisses me off. It is a Rovian piece of crap, designed to do exactly the same thing the Republicans have engaged in for the last decade or more. Fear mongering by a Democratic candidate should be enough to disqualify that candidate within the Party. It won't; there are Chicken Littles, plenty enough to play to. How about you, just how scared are you?

I've just sat and listened to Pat Buchanan (on MSNBC) call this ad the "right" thing to do, does it tell you something? Somethng bad? People wonder why I've been anti-Hillary since the beginning of her declaration.

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