Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Judy Trohkimoinen For OEA Region III Vice-President

I have known Mrs T from the time my son was in first grade, he's now several years out of high school, and I've been endlessly impressed by Judy. She is a 19 year veteran of education and advocacy for anything that improves the health, education, and welfare of our children. As you may have noticed, I am rather politically active, Judy is not behind me in that respect, though a bit less, ahem, partisan. Take this in the respect of not being a DPO operative, as I am.
As longer term readers may have noticed, Baker City does manage to bring some political figures to our fair city and I don't miss them, so I know that Judy doesn't either. Two articles down you will find a picture of Sen. Wyden and a couple people including...Mrs T. I've spent over a dozen years mangling Mrs T's actual last name, but that really doesn't matter since it is a matter of a ballot. If you have a say in OEA please go to the link I've provided, and even if you don't, getting acquainted with her is a nice thing.

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