Saturday, March 08, 2008

Cyreena Boston for HD 45

***Repost from earlier date***

This is my friend Cyreena Boston who is running for HD45

I've known Cyreena for 2 years, since she came on board DPO as Constituency Director, and known her as a talented intelligent woman who cares deeply about the people of Oregon. She has the ability to reach out to almost any group of people and show them that she understands their interests and cares about them. Her job with DPO was very demanding and involved all kinds of political calculations in its performance. She carried it off magnificently.
I'm pretty sure an endorsement from small town NE OR isn't of great import in N Portland, but some of my readers are active and care that good representatives are elected whether in their HD or not. So I give you this link to Donate . Like any Democratic candidate, money will be an issue so see if you can step up. Find her campaign site here .
There is also an ongoing Contributions link on the side bar.


KISS said...

If she is a sharp as Joann Bowman she will be a good asset. While Joann and I disagreed on some social issues she was an admirable, honest representative.
I hope Cyreena is the same.

Chuck Butcher said...

I don't hand out compliments or endorsements lightly.

Cyreena said...

I am honored to have such a mention from not only a great Democrat, but a very good friend. I know that as I move toward the Oregon House, and once I am elected, I will always build great relationships between N/NE Portland, and Eastern Oregon. Thank you Chuck and everyone else for the support. I am really touched!

Craig Joyner said...

I think that you will be a great candidate for this position. Your Intelligence and character will be just what the city needs to progress and find solutions to there problems.