Friday, March 07, 2008

Feminism and Me

There are elements of feminism that plainly irritate me, the idea that politeness involved in opening a door is not really that but a male dominance enforcement offends hell out of me. It also offends me to be told that gender equality means any woman can do any job. If you want to come out and play with me on my job an inability to carry a 90# bundle of shingles two stories up a ladder and safely put it on a roof, repeatedly is required. It is not negotiable and no, there is no gender requirement, just the muscularity and agility to do that. If you are 105 pounds and 5-2 this is past you and if you happen to be female, it includes you. I do not want to mess with the English language, an indefinite pronoun is he or him or his, I do not propose to call manholes person holes and I can just barely tolerate chairperson. But guess what, just because I dislike the stupid attributes of feminism doesn't mean I'm a Neanderthal.

Here we go, the idea that a woman is emotionally or intellectually unable to deal with any position of authority is absolute nonsense. The idea that there is some inherently male dominance trait that enables males to better run things is flat out stupid. Equally as stupid is the idea that being male or female entitles anybody to anything. Human beings are just that and widely variable in ability and competence. The fact of gender has nothing to do with it. Gender has been used as a measuring stick in wage and promotion and that is flat wrong. It is as intelligent as using eye color as a qualification.

Now I do not like Hillary R Clinton for specific reasons and not one of them has to do with her sex. I would not vote for nor oppose anyone on such a foolish basis. The facts of historical prejudice regarding women, blacks, or any other in high office do not make someone a good or bad prospect. That fact means that we need to keep an eye on our decision making processes and advocate the same.

I am a staunch advocate of equal rights and responsibilities for all law abiding Americans. I find it incredibly frustrating to be in opposition to the first woman to have a credible shot at the Presidency, well that has a lot to do with the candidate. I can't help the who of it.

Readers may wonder if this blog is a cyber-personality, an artifice of of the impersonality of remote communication. I can assure you it is not, I am exactly as presented. Oh, admittedly a bit more profane in everyday language, but I am as opinionated and ornery and hard driving as is presented to you, everybody gets the same thing. I tell you this to validate this point, I like strong natured women, I am married to one, it is necessary. I am strong natured and dealing with me in a close relationship requires the same. So Hillary, I don't like you and I wouldn't like you if you were a man or a green martian.

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