Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How Do You Get As Mean As Rep. Kerns?

If you're a Democrat and you're so wound up by this Primary campaign that you're considering not voting, here's some of what you get courtesy of OK Rep Sally Kern:
Representative Sally Kern said that gays are a bigger threat to American society than terrorists on Saturday.

"I honestly think it's the biggest threat even that our nation has," the lawmaker said. "Even more so than terrorists or Islam, which I think is a big threat."

"I'm not gay bashing," Kern said in the recording, "but according to God's word, that is not the right kind of lifestyle. It has deadly consequences."

Kern said that the education system is indoctrinating children as young as two years old into the gay lifestyle. "The homosexual agenda is destroying our country," said Kern.

"Studies show that no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than a few decades," she said.

If you've got the stomach to listen to it you can go here but it will only make you angry. I don't get it, the meanness of Sally Kern. It is as though someone was trying to do something to her. The reaction is more in line with a physical or verbal assault being committed on her. I can understand a level of discomfort in regard to homosexuality, hell I don't 'get' the attraction between same sexes. I'm wired wrong to understand at more than a rational level, but I do not understand what is upsetting about it. I cannot eat liver, not at all and on a serious level, but I don't get angry if you eat it - understand I'm not allergic to it, it is so absolutely repugnant that I cannot be where it is cooked without a gag reflex taking over. It's not the same thing, I know. But look, if you tried to force it on me I'd hurt you; you'd get the same reaction forcing sex on me.

What is it about the existence of homosexuality that sets these people off? This is not nearly as stupid a question as you might think. I know about "repressed homosexual tendencies" and I think for the most part that's a lazy shorthand toss-off line, like "guns are dick enhancers." Maybe in some cases, but there's too much of it (there are way more guns than inadequate penises). America is a strange place, but it would be a truly queer nation if those numbers matched up. Maybe it is the xenophobic reaction to "the other." Maybe a lot of things.

What I do know is that it takes tremendous amounts of energy to carry around that much meanness. It is that. Meanness. Hate is not a good word, it is too big, too meaningful. This has an inherent smallness to it, a cowardly aspect. Something spoken of with those in agreement and it's rejection not met with fury but with dismissal. "Political Correctness" says I shouldn't tell you this... No, Sally; it's not about political correctness; it is about you being a mean natured bitch. Democrats, this is another face of your enemy and it needs to be defeated.

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Heather said...

Please sign the petition to get Sally Kern out of Office. Forward to all your friends, post on your blogs!