Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary Is Human, So She Says

On the matter of mis-remembering being shot at, Hillary says, so what, just proves I'm human. If there is as much accuracy in that statement as claims of snipers and saving Ireland from itself, you might wonder if there are circuit boards in her head and a frame of alloy. I'm sorry, lady, lying is lying, or your mental circuits are so badly deformed that two completely self-exclusive events become the same. Do you make that case that you are most fit to be President when an entirely imaginary occurrence becomes your memory? Most of us know that Al Gore never claimed to have invented the Internet, but there is probably no more famous un-uttered falsehood. What is there to make of this one? I'm human? Look here you unprincipled piece of work, I'm human and I live in a small town and if I ran my show the way you do, I'd never have work - I'm not running for President, just some construction work. If I did this, people would not hire me to pound nails into their house.

Put on your victim dress Hillary, people are just being unfair. You've answered, you were just tired, 3:00 AM tired, several times. But the real issue is Barack's pastor said mean things about the USA, his pastor said - you said - there is a difference You said people pick their pastor versus their relatives, did you pick your husband? Did you bail over a blue dress? No? What kind of judgement am I to take that as? Was it love, ambition, power, influence, what? To be sure, the issue isn't your lies, it is Rev Wright saying something rudely true. You haven't learned anything since your days in Arkansas. You've done pretty well counting on us to not have paid attention either.


Anonymous said...

SHE SAID THE SAME Bosnia Lie Sniper Story on LIVE TV at a RALLY in Texas 1 day before the Primary Vote!!

Today The Clintons Even Suggest a NEW LOW today, talking about going after his Pledge Delegates!

I THINK THIS ARTICLE BY David Brooks of the New York Times, said IT BEST!!


KISS said...

The Clinton's have lived in fantasy-land for ever. Things that turned sour are forgotten, and those things that are mediocre are blown to gigantic proportions.
Could this just be pathological lying?
I know, this is the foundation for a new book about the unfairness of the dimmos to Hillary in her days of need.

Fred said...

Hey...haven't you guys heard. She was telling the truth.