Saturday, March 08, 2008

Was It PMS?

You explain it better, RNC talking points, lauding the established Republican candidate over your own Party's, attempting to explode the DNC, using discredited CBC NAFTA reporting. You can say, hey that's really sexist. I think it is less insulting than the other alternative.

The other alternative is that it doesn't matter in the least to Hillary what happens to the Democratic Party in general. The Congressional campaigns can go hang. If the nominee isn't her he can go hang. What matters is getting Hillary votes. You like that one better than PMS? I can tell you that Hillary is a veteran of the dirty politics game - and not just as victim. She and her team know how to do it. What has gone on for the last week or so is dirty politics, not rough and tumble politics, dirty.

I'm tired of the BS, this is a Democratic Primary. I've already said there is value in having a contested Primary, I didn't say a bloodbath. There is value in the process of having a discourse about policy and vision. There is absolutely no value whatever in having a Republican versus Democrat fight in a Democratic Primary. There is no value in kicking apart the DNC with rhetoric about issues that everybody agreed on rather than finding a fix. I am a Democrat, and I am a Democrat who has put a lot more time, effort, and money than I had into helping that Party get better and I am seriously pissed by deliberate efforts to wreck it.

Maybe the machismo Neanderthal PMS sounds better now?

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