Friday, March 07, 2008

Charlie Christ Is A Disengenuous Liar

Republican Governor Charlie Christ of Florida went on Chris Matthews tonight and laid out the perfect Republican trouble making lying rant. He claims to represent all citizens of Florida and to advocate for not disenfranchising Florida Democrats. He says they held an election and the delegates should be seated or the DNC should pay for a new one. He presents himself as the white knight victimized by the DNC.

The Florida legislature voted to move the Primary date up in front of the allowable date set by DNC. Charlie Christ signed it. Charlie Christ and the Florida legislature all knew exactly what they were getting up to when they moved the date. They did it in the face of the facts, their election was not going to be valid and they knew it. It was to their political advantage to play hardball with DNC. The Florida Democrats went along. (a really truly stupid move)

Their efforts are bearing fruit, Floridian Democrats are angry with the Party, Hillary Clinton is bucking the national party, and the Florida delegation is not going to be seated before the nomination is decided. The DNC is not going to spend election campaign and organizational funds to pay for Florida's cockup. Christ says Florida is not going to pay. Nobody is going to pay. Charlie Christ gets it all, he gets to look like a champion who is fiscally responsible and at the same time do everything in his power to destroy the Democratic Party in a year when there is little reason to think they could lose. Well he doesn't get to do it in front of me. He's a lying sun tanned Republican snake.

The DNC might have to spend some bucks in FL to counteract Christ's propaganda, but it would be worth it. It should be little trouble to make the case that Christ is directly responsible for his state's Democrats' dilemma. The fact is that there are long term benefits for the Democrats in Florida to show him up as the snake he is, a Democratic Christ voter might think about it when his term expires.

At this point the only realistically affordable process is caucuses. Hillary will hate that and fight it. Considering that she has made herself a part of the problem rather than the solution, it is a fair pay back, she deserves to be screwed to the wall. The State Democratic Party of Florida played the Republican game against their own Party, these idiots need to go. Florida Democrats should take matters in hand and get rid of these people, they have the power, quite easily.

Back to Lying Charlie. If you'd like to touch on the inability of these so-called political reporters to deal with issues, Chris did point out possible Christ motives but he missed the absolute kiss of death to his lies. He did not point out that as the "advocate for all Floridians" Christ could have vetoed a bill with known results, in the end run that legislation's passage is his fault. But the game of gotcha has rules and one of the rules is giving the rat a hole to duck into. Even if the hole is imaginary, it didn't get blocked. I'm sorry Chris, it wasn't that hard to kick his lying butt back into his cabana.

It is time for the DNC to go on the offensive with the liars, the trouble makers, and the deliberately uninformed media. This mess is not of the DNC's making. The solution does not lie in DNC's hands. DNC bears not one iota of responsibility for it and cannot solve it. It is up to the State Parties in MI and FL to deal with. Those Parties bear the ultimate responsibility to the members of their Parties and while economics may prevent their preferred solution of another election, they can certainly caucus. I will state with absolute confidence that if the little Baker County Democrats party had to caucus we'd manage it in a County that dwarfs the eastern state counties.

Every progressive blog in the country should be calling for Charlie Christ's head on a pike after tonight. We could provide Chris Matthews with a butter knife for the removal process, since he obviously can't be allowed sharp tools.


KISS said...

Chris Mathews; the overly-loud brain dead pundit, so what did you expect?
As for Christ's gambit, he is a repug and I applaud him for being more conniving and cunning than the dimmos. Being dysfunctional is the norm for the dimmos, hence we got Bush for 8 years and a Supreme Court, again from dimmos, that is so draconian it may never get fixed. Hillary may pull it off and that is going to be very cunning and coniving...maybe what the dimmos need. Doesn't really matter. Corporate Amerika wins, we lose.

Anonymous said...

This governor is a hypocrite. He approved the rise of cigarette tax reasoning care for smokers health. Waw, maybe he is not aware that American Health care its in deep sheet. Millions can't be seen by a doctor because they do not afford to buy insurance, and the rest, who have insurance can't afford to pay the deductible. Is this the big AMERICAN DEMOCRACY???????????

Anonymous said...

Why do liberals think health care is a right? It is a product. Keep your hands out of my wallet. I worked hard for my money and my education.I did my military time and earned my rights also. I did my own homework and went to college poor. Lib's seem to think they are owed health care, happiness and my money.

Go earn your own, and stop whining.