Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Why Does Kay Coles James Matter ?

You may not know the name, but it is a deal that Kay Coles James was Regent University's Dean of Government School, that's because George II named her as Director of the Office of Personnel Management, the executive branch department of human resources. In case you don't watch televangelism, that's Pat (700 Club maniac) Robertson's "university." That half-assed, ok, per US News and World Report 4th tier - tied at 136th law school has contributed 150 employees to the executive branch. Monica Goodling graduated in 1999 when the school's credentials barely exceeded a comic book cover ad's "Earn a Law Degree." She's now taken the 5th... For the entire horrid story see The Carpetbagger Report.

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KISS said...

Every crooked politician loves the constitution when it benefits them. In between they cannibalize and devour the Bill of Rights for you and me.As for Pat Robertson, another huckster of the Jim Jones phenomenon. By the way I hope all saw channel 10 "American Experience", last night..about Jim Jones.