Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Immunity Monica

John Conyers isn't too impressed with Monica Goodling's attorney and the perjury trap defense for taking the 5th. Just how unimpressed he is was shown by his proposal to grant limited immunity. This means that she still has to tell the truth or face perjury charges but other stuff is out. Her problem now is that the "perjury trap" nonsense means nothing, she has no 5th coverage because nothing she testifies to, truthfully, can be used against her - no self-incrimination. With immunity if she refuses to testify she's gotten herself in the way of contempt of Congress which can get you a year in jail. She'd have been farther ahead to have testified and taken the 5th where she thought she could during the hearing.

Goodling may be an alumnus of a 5th rate god's diploma mill sort of place, she may be totally inept and over her head, but her lawyer went to an actual law school so she should have known that IF she'd done nothing wrong taking the 5th was a matter of waving a red flag in front of Congress. She has now shown herself to be hostile before ever testifying to anything, and she's thumbed her nose at people who are pretty sure they're important. A bad start.

I've had reason to go toe to toe with people with more power and resources than I have, I started out leading trump with a hammer held back to finish with, it's not smart to lead a loser when you don't have anything back. (yes, I like to play cards) Her starting position was a stupid one, she no longer has any ability to protect people if that's what she wanted and if she's played fast and loose with the rules, she's going to have to say so. I'd say her career has degenerated to ambulance chasing from here on. I suppose she could teach ethics at Robertson's place, you know, "if you say God enough times, whatever you do is fine," ethics.


KISS said...

Goodling is almost home free. Already the forces of evil are exonerating her.If all these crooks were convicted we may have to build more jails.
As for her new employment...look to K street.
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Chuck Butcher said...

Word verification is a major PIA, I dumped it for 2 months, then I got robo'd starting with the oldest posts so I had to put it back on. Sorry, I hate it also.