Sunday, April 29, 2007

GOP's 11th Commandment

Apparently like many of the 10 that are indirectly referenced this one isn't getting enforced or followed either. "Thou shalt not speak ill of thy fellow Republicans." CNN's Bill Schneider notes that it's the Republican's turn to form a "circular firing squad." Former VA Gov Gilmore states that Romney is a liberal up north and a conservative in the conservative states. Romney fires back that other leading candidates have changed their tunes. GWB comes in for his share of criticism, odd for such a "disciplined" party. Gov Huckabee doesn't want to see the GOP taken over by non-conservatives.

Here's their real problem, none of them knows what conservative means anymore. That's hardly an exclusive difficulty, I don't know anybody that knows what any of them mean by it, either. What they're up against is that the same word is used for mutually exclusive things. I don't mind their confusion, if they spend some time in the hinterlands they might figure out how to be a principled Party instead of the opportunistic fear mongering greed heads they've become.


Anonymous said...

Chuck, you're one of those guys that's always kinda liked the sound of your own voice, aren't you?

Chuck Butcher said...

Why sure I am, this is a blog isn't it? Obviously I think I have something to say, Sitemeter says some others think so as well.

Did you have something to add or were you just being snide? Do you have any idea what conservative means anymore?

KISS said...

This guy as the answer, Chuck. He sits on his hands and let's his Paster and repugs think for him and listens to Rush Limburger to get his news, and goes to sleep with O'Reilly ringing in his ears.
And dutiful allows his wife to change the dirty diapers.