Thursday, April 19, 2007

FBI, Search,GOP Congressman - Put Them Together and What Do You Get ?

US Rep John Doolittle (R - CA) had his Oakton, VA home searched Friday by the FBI. Sierra Dominion Financial Solutions, Inc run by his wife, Julie, was the target. Doolittle is a 9 term conservative from N CA who has denied any wrong doing.

"My wife has been cooperating with the FBI and the Justice Department for almost three years and that cooperation is going to continue in the future. I support my wife 100 percent and fully expect that the truth will prevail."

All these hints, you had to figure the rest out, but I'll be nice and pull it together for you. Jack Abramoff.

Rep Doolittle took campaign cash, used Abramoff's sport's box - without reporting it - , and acted with the Interior Dept on behalf of Abramoff's Indian clients. Wife Julie was on retainer to Abramoff for events planning from 2002-4 receiving $66,690. The day of the search Kevin Ring, a former Doolittle aide who went to work for Abromoff, resigned from his law firm abruptly and without explanation. In 2000 Ring discussed with Abramoff the possibility of getting Julie a job with a non-profit that has been accused to doing favors for Abramoff in exchange for cash. Julie was employed by her husband as fundraiser until it became a scandal in last year's election.

Does the VA US Attorney still have a job? So the dirty connection in all this is Abramoff and GOP. You have, no doubt, recoiled from the screen in shock and disbelief... OK, and we're making great progress in Iraq, also.


Pete Abel said...


Thanks for these details. I wasn't aware of them.

Off topic: Tried to email you a couple days ago, but not sure I have right address. Net: Would you like to cross-post some of these entries at Central Sanity, or do pointer posts from CS to here, or even write some original content at CS every now and then?

I very much would like to add one (ideally several) reasonable-progressive voices to CS, to balance the mix of writers there now.

Let me know.

Pete A.

KISS said...

As per usual, Abramoff is getting his sentence reduced. Soon another to put along side Keating and his ilk of " crooks succeeding, even when caught".
I wonder if this weak-kneed dimmo congress will ever investigate the FBI...probable worried about their own dirty laundry.