Monday, April 30, 2007

Guantanamo Unrest - Lawyers' Fault

Like many Americans I find lawyers annoying, right up until I need one. Lots of lawyer jokes are bandied about - for a pretty good reason. Oddly enough, a whole US agency full of them, DOJ, seems to feel the same way about them, well, the subset known as defense attorneys.

The Justice Dept wants to limit Guantanamo detainees' access to lawyers because there's unrest. Supposedly the attorney mail system was used to inform them of military operations in Iraq, activities of terrorist leaders, efforts in the war on terror, the Hezbollah attack on Israel and abuse at Abu Ghraib prison. Apparently this supposedly got them more stirred up than being jailed without hearing, isolation, and the legal rules about court appearances.

Why is it no surprise that DOJ under Gone-zales and BushCo doesn't want these people to have access to lawyers, or Constitutional guarantees, or humane detention? Could it be that the same knuckle-dragging Bible beating incompetents that don't understand the 1st & 4th Amendments and can't find Habeas Corpus in the Constitution have a made to order playground in Cuba?

It's getting to the point that nothing repressive, repulsive, corrupt or incompetent that BushCo gets up to surprises me anymore. It's also getting real difficult to manage a day without foaming at the mouth. Richard Nixon didn't get me this pissed off and I knew what a scumbag he was long before he was elected and watched like a hawk after he was. It's a real nasty commentary on the bunch in power over the last 6 years to compare RMN favorably.

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