Monday, April 23, 2007

The Bhagdad Wall

I'm not exactly real surprised to find out that the Iraqi PM al-Maliki doesn't like the idea of a wall around the Sunni enclave at Azamiyah, what I am surprised at is that anybody thought it was a good idea. Resident Ahmed al-Dulaimi figures it's "collective punishment" of the area and would turn it into a prison. al-Sadr figures Sadr City would be next. I think Berlin is a pretty good example of just what a bright idea this is.

Evidently where we've gotten to is that any idea is better than what we've got. Any idea other than the US getting the heck out.


Steve Cully said...

When Senator Smith was here in Baker City a couple of years ago I suggested Iraq be divided into 3 countries becuase the Kurds, Sunnis, and Shia are going to do it one way or the other, peacefully, politicly or otherwise. Smith thought that wasn't such a good idea.
A wall is the first inication that the Bush administration is starting to catch on to the fact that Iraq only exists on a map.

KISS said...

Yup, another reason Smith must go.
Too bad Novick isn't a conservative Dimmo.
The split into 3 separates won't work unless , and this is the toughie, how to divide the oil profits and not let America cheat.

Steve Culley said...

I never said anything about it working, just said it was going to be

Chuck Butcher said...

While there are large areas that are primarily one sect/group there is also a large part of the country where they're all mixed together and Bhagdad is one in particular.

Steve Culley said...

The reason for the wall was to seperate those groups.