Saturday, April 28, 2007

Democratic Debate - Debatable?

I missed the debate itself, Eastern Time isn't conducive to Pacific Work Time, but I watched the "analysis" well past my tolerance for it. What struck me is what wasn't said, and it wasn't said about issues that the Democrats own.

The disparity of wealth in this country has passed the bounds of rational thought, it has become so egregious that fury over it would be understandable, much less a reasoned argument that it is bad for the country as a whole. Racism and other prejudices are endemic, I don't mean just the stupid "in your face" comments of an Imus, I mean all of it on every person engaging in it, whatever their race or other status. The self-defeating racism/classism of "Don't be a snitch," is probably more harmful than 100 Imuses with 10x the audience. Homophobic agendas not only harm the gay community, but create a reality of 2nd class citizenry among law abiding citizens. Xenophobia creates a situation where the very real economic and political considerations surrounding 12-20 million illegal aliens cannot be discussed - because some in the debate are loons. The effects of running this country on debt rather than income are huge and soon to become more so, there is a disaster looming and little baby steps aren't going to address it. The income garnered by paper pushers and CEOs in comparison to workers managed to get ignored. Even more ignored was the disparity in tax burden, no one bothered to mention the hammering taken by wage earners.

It's early yet, the gloves are still on and nobody wants to make a mistake, like taking a real strong stand, so what you get is analysis that calls Hillary "Presidential" for making a "retaliation" statement. These folks had better wake up and remember that if they want to play in the General election they need to win the Democratic Primary.

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Steve Culley said...

Oh come Chuck, we know who fathered Anna Nichole's baby and Alec Baldwin apologized. Things like massive deficits, the Fast Track Authority for trade expiring June 30, an open invasion of the country just don't stack up to the soap opera news. Some body mention a War?