Sunday, April 08, 2007

Who Is Brent Tolman ?

Firedoglake puts it a little more interestingly, "Why Isn't Brent Tolman In Prison Yet ?" and the question arises from the insertion of the clause removing Senate approval of re-appointed US Attorneys. Who inserted it appears to be one Brent Tolman, Counsel to Senate Judiciary Committee reporting to Sen Specter, who never bothered to tell Specter or any other Senator. Why he inserted it is possibly much more interesting, when Specter discovered the addition and tried to find out about it he was told it came from (gasp) DOJ, no names just that. Tolman shortly after the insertion was appointed US Atty for Utah with the backing of Sen Hatch (R-UT).

What is also odd in the whole mess is the prevalence of Mormons in the mix, Karen Allen's piece examining Kyle Sampson makes the point that there is a virtual "mormon mafia" in operation in BushCo. Between graduates of BYU and Pat Robertson's "school" you have most of the players in the DOJ mess. Don't get this wrong, our Circuit Court Judge is a Mormon and he not only gets but also deserves my admiration as a person and as a Judge. However, there certainly is no statistical reason for this prevalence.

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KISS said...

Not all right wing religious nuts are Protestant, some are Catholic, Mormons and on and on and nausea and I do mean Nausea.
Beware of Specter, this guy is on of the slickest flim-flam men in the senate. Crocodile can't shed tears compared to Specter. I wouldn't be surprised if he inserted the clause.. what was the deal he was behind a few years ago and had a staff member take the heat..than later placed her in a top paying job. If I find the scandal I bring it here.