Saturday, April 07, 2007

Draft DeFazio

There is a new link on the page to a new blog put together by Carla and Torrid over at Loaded Orygun. Check it out, think about it.

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KISS said...

I really like DeFazio as a representative and he would make a goo senator, with that said, he hasn't a ghost of a chance at beating Smith. It will take a conservative Dimmo to win.DeFazio isn't conservative enough. Multnomah county and Lane county and just maybe Marion county are not enough to elect him. With those counties and the Eastern Oregon counties a win is quite possible for someone..but not DeFazio.
I do agree Smith is quite vulnerable and I hope the Dimmos find someone to run. Personally I don't like Kitzhaber but he would easily beat Smith.
Anyway it goes, the national Dimmo's will need to have a big, big war chest.
Who would make the perfect Campaign Manager?