Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gonzales' Version of Memory

Memory is a rather convenient way to assert things, "I have no recollection," or "as I remember," are useful statements to make when a person doesn't want to answer or give an answer that might not be quite truthful. Memory is locked away inside a head, unless a person has recently made a contradictory statement, such answers are unassailable - legally. There is a huge problem with using such an out when you hold an important position - you show yourself to be either covering something up or mentally deficient. In Albie's case, maybe both.

The guy was out of his league when he first went to work for GWB and the "drown the government" disrespect for governing mindset led to his advancement - that and kiss ass. There's not much to be said politically for toadyism leading to advancement, both Parties have been guilty of such behavior in individual cases, but the disregard for the actual complexity and art of governing is symptomatic of BushCo. I am an employer and I try very hard, sometimes too hard, not to fire people; but, if I do fire someone I know exactly why I did, what led me to believe I needed to, and when I decided to do it. It is an important decision, it has ramifications for me and heavy consequences for the work force - both the fired and the remaining ones. Anybody who sees this differently has no business having employees.

I have a good memory, everyone who knows me knows that - and knows my weak areas (names). I have complicated days (no nothing as earth shattering as "Meth Day") but my days involve a great many activities. I may not remember something as immaterial as how many nails I used in a few minutes, but I will remember the status of nail supply, and I certainly remember demonstrations of incompetence or non-performance. I am the boss, I am responsible for the end product - if it isn't right I get to fix it and if it isn't right enough times I won't get the job to begin with. It is important for me to know what is going on and to have competent people. This is about a construction site not DOJ.

Anybody who finds this level of competence acceptable is either a fool or a lick spittle like John Coryn (R - TX) or an ijit like George II.

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KISS said...

Lackies are not to be thinkers. Shame on you, Chuck.