Monday, April 30, 2007

The Maggots Gather On The Rotting Corpses

...of the dead at VT. The Brady Bunch and their followers couldn't let the bodies cool before they started in with their faked up statistics and fear mongering. BushCo immediately rushed to the scene and got his photo op. The Libertarian nuts started banging away on a gun in every house to cure social ills. Goddam what a sick bunch of bastards.

Look here, a nut did something nuts and people who should not have, died. It's not about guns, it's not about having them or not having them, it's about a nut. I'll bet you'd like a softer more "correct" description of this person. Fine - loon. There is an entire world of difference between moody, eccentric, quiet loner and a psychotic murderer and some people were making warning noises but our polite nice society let him cook in his own juices. Then a whole raft of people want to take advantage of that failure to make their own agendas look good.

Gun control freaks - do you have any idea what carnage a sword wielded by a maniac in close quarters would wreak? Things do not commit mayhem, but a lot of them are darned useful for it.

Gun nuts - just how many people do you think could exceed the abysmal hit rate of police in combat situations?

George W Bush - NOTHING you can say is going to make you look better or more concerned for our citizenry.

I can not begin to tell you how offended I am for the parents and participants in that tragedy by this piling on of people with agendas - including the commercial interests of the media. There is only one lesson here, pay attention to your fellows, care about them, care about how they're doing, care about what they might do. Just plain humanity would do for a start.


Steve Culley said...

Just a quick cooment Chuck. If you are in a normal setting like a school, a mall like yesterday, or any where you are doing your normal business and sudenly some one is trying to kill you or your loved ones you are in a comabt situation. Being unarmed in a comabt situation is the worst of all worlds. Being kind and compasionate will only get you a quick ticket to the next world.

KISS said...

The DUMest sentence in the American lexicon " I wish I had a gun". This boils down to a very good debate on Mental Health. Should FBI have a list of those mandated to have been diagnosed with mental illness? Had such a list been available Mr. Cho might not been able to buy a gun...which raises the possibility of him making substantial bombs and,as we know, could have become an American suicide-bomber. Think of how many more people would be injured or died? If a concealed handgun law prevailed,at VT, he may have been dispatched by one of us gun-nuts. The pandering politicians and media salivate over the money they will make on this tragedy.

Chuck Butcher said...

my only point is this:
everybody piled on and that's BS