Saturday, February 14, 2009

Xe, Pronounced "Z" ?

I'm not sure if Republican, Halliburton, GWB, or Blackwater is the most toxic brand in America right now, but the right wing mercenary group Blackwater found a new moniker according to McClatchy's News & Observer and that is "Z" spelled Xe. Nobody at the company was apparently willing or able to explain exactly what that means other than a "new direct" for the company.

With Iraq refusing to let them continue to operate in their country and Congressional members calling for their firing from US embassy employments and a lawsuit they will now focus on training law enforcement and military groups a company spokesman said.

I'm willing to speculate about that bunch. You might find something rather Orwellian or Sci-fi in a name like "Z". You might wonder if the billion dollars or so paid to right wing Eric Prince not continuing to happen and legal difficulties and a black Democratic President may have caused a meltdown for him. Xe is strange enough even for a bunch as strange as them. Generally a name change is part of a publicity campaign, a new name is a branding that has resonance with the public. This thing resonates all right, but it is a really very discordant sort vibe. You find yourself wondering what secret society meaning lurks in there. I mean, really, you don't suppose this is supposed to be the Xe meaning the colorless, odorless, inert gas xenon, do you? In that case wouldn't it be pronounced "Zee Non"?

It may be hard hearted in a failing economy to wish these people ill, but real serious unemployment by that bunch would please me no end. People like them make me very happy to be well armed, especially when they're allowed to operate in distressed areas like New Orleans. I'm a tad concerned when the US government plows over a billion dollars into a private militia and gives them rein in this country. I don't have a bit of a problem with Americans being armed and even less of a problem with our police being armed, but government sponsored private militias do concern me, particularly when they're hard core right wing nut cakes.

BTW, anybody who thinks full automatic weapons belong in law enforcement's arsenal is crazy. Law enforcement activities always involve civilian arenas and that means that pray and spray is a very bad idea. Aimed fire is hard enough in stress conditions, witness police hit rates, without high volume fire rates thrown into that inaccuracy.

Blackwater, or Xe, is a dangerous entity, proven so by facts on the ground. Letting these maniacs have any governmental money is lunacy and needs to stop - now, not later. If you'd like your cops trained by the same bunch that murdered 17 Iraqis in one fell swoop with military weaponry and are now charged with manslaughter you've got some pretty tolerant standards. I don't.

I'm astonished that any politician that even speaks the words "gun control" isn't on this bunch like flies on poop. If you don't think after seeing the atmosphere promoted by BushCo that there isn't plenty of real nasty stuff lurking inside Z the 10+% who like Cheney will welcome you home.


The Chinuk said...

Well, I'm certainly ready to forgive 'em!

Change of corporate identity? Oh, yea! All fixed now!

I tell ya, sometimes I feel like a battered spouse, being an American voter, sometimes.

Phil said...

They could call them themselves "Rosemary's Baby" (I forget, did Rosemary's baby even have a name?) and there would still be something sinister about them. By any other name, a bunch of thugs is still a bunch of thugs, and the bunch of thugs known as Xe is particularly dangerous and antithetical to a free society.