Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Temptation's Distractions

This country needs a stimulus bill. The country needs something done and it doesn't need a bunch of Republican junk in it. It also doesn't need pointless distractions. I certainly understand the temptation to use a high pressure situation to advance the Democratic agenda. The Republican profligacy over the past eight years must cause advanced heartburn for those who have different ideas and someone else in mind. I understand, but it is bad politics.

The deal is that when you sell something as necessary to the health of the nation's economy that is what people look for and giving the nay-sayers from the Confederate Party of Republicanism a bat to hit you with just isn't smart. There is something to be said for pieces of the bill that have longer term infrastructure ends, but there are serious limits. One aspect of larding up such a bill is that it give the thugs reason to think they can stuff it with more of their tax cut nonsense and mortgage relief for those with no need for it and using the Federal Government as guarantor. It isn't that there is that much junk in it as a percentage of the total, but it is there and its presence is causing trouble.

The Republican plutocratic agenda has not gone away and is not going to go away. That piece of the puzzle is on the table now and will be there for a very long time. That is the problem with putting junk in a bill, it allows them to play at their agenda in front of the public. And play they have. The junk allows them to get away with spreading untruths and have them get taken seriously, despite being debunked because there is that kernel of truth. I am quickly approaching the point of fury as the media keeps running the rat bastards who killed this economy over and over and lets them play at being the responsible adults in the room. They are no such thing and their preferred option is more of the supply side tinkle down goddam economics that have pissed on the head of everyone except the wealthy for thirty years.

That is the cost that the House didn't look at, they've given credence to the cretins who drove us off a cliff. Thanks a lot. There is a time and a place to have these fights with them, it isn't this bill.

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