Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Addressing Congress And The Nation***Updated

One of the early questions about this address was whether Republicans would sit on their hands, it was answered in the first minutes, the opening remard. Paraphrasing; the remark was that while this economy may take awhile that the hardest working most innovative nation would prevail and emerge stronger - a clear whoever you are applause line, no partisan agenda in the least - unless you sit on the right side of the Chamber.

Now if you wanted to hear Republicans cheer, we cannot pass onto our children a debt they cannot afford to pay. But a statement regarding ending tax breaks for the top 2% was distinctly unpopular - or at least not applaudable on the right aisle. What the hell the Republicans are standing and applauding the inclusion to Iran/Afghanistan in the budget for I am entirely unclear - certainly not their agenda of 7 years.

I do not know who the young Marine Sgt in the upper deck is, but the support of the troops expressed by the President resulted in an extended applause and hand shakes for him. His dress blues left chest displayed a serious weight of eye candy of the ribbon supported metal type.

The opportunity of crisis and we're not quitters, that statement of confidence in the US should make anyone happy. It won't, but it ought.

This isn't any sort of definitive review, I was more interested in watching than playing at live blogging. If you care about this stuff you watched it.

*****Update ***** Jindal Talks

Republicans, please, please run this clown for POTUS. He took credit for writing this and then RNC & R Congress took on cooperative credit, whoever sucks eggs badly.

Which piece of living in the same universe rationally would involve invoking the Republican Administration's handling of Katrina for justification for government sucks at solving problems? In Congress we were led into pork and deficits? Who the hell was leading? In fact who the hell was Jindal trying to talk to (or at)?

I realize the Republicans have only had since November to adjust to having had their heads handed to them, but this isn't adjusting...

To be sure, I'd root for this iteration of the Confederate Party of Republicanism to strive for a 10% share of government, but at some point a responsible and credible oppostition party will be important to have.


Kevin said...

LOL - echo the call for Jindal to carry the GOP banner in the 2012 presidential election.

I'm watching the Charlie Rose show parse the speech with a panel of the usual suspects right now.

David Brooks was VERY critical of Jindal and of current GOP obstructionist strategy. Very critical. And he prefaced it by stating that he "frequently agrees with" the GOP, which is obviously true. So the criticism carries that much more weight, IMO.

Interestingly... Brooks just criticized Obama for drawing the "no new taxes" line at those earning $250K or less. He said, rightly IMO, that we'll never solve health care and some of the other pressing and expensive problems if we don't consider raising taxes below that threshold. I concur.

The Chinuk said...

Jindal/Palin in 2012!

Whoo hoo!

Chuck Butcher said...

When the actual tax load on the rich equals the actual tax load on my carpenters let's have that argument...