Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Arms Debacle

Sometimes events occur that just absolutely take your breath away and the current arms controversy may threaten to split the Republic. As you might expect in the Obama White House it concerns the right to bare arms. Yes, I know how to spell, bare. Michelle Obama likes sleeveless dresses and that seems to be a problem for some ... people.

No, really.

Ann Coulter is predictably mean mouthed, well wired shut mean - a Jackie O wannabe. Some people are incensed that she'd wear such a thing in winter, as though women's dresses are somehow warm clothing (I wear warm clothing, I know what it looks like). There seems to be some real concern that it isn't appropriate for formal occasions. Look, I'll admit to preferring flannel shirts and 501s or Carharts and logging boots so my expertise may be suspect, have got to be kidding me???

I'm pretty damn sure most men given a choice of arm decoration on a stroll would pick the First Lady in sleeveless over Ann Coulter in anything. One thing I am sure of is that a whole lot of women not anywhere near 44 years old would kill to have her arms to show off. If you're claiming this kind of thing is bothering you; I think you have other issues going on and you have got to know that a hell of a lot of us are laughing at you. No, not with you.

Yes, this is filed under "Stupidity".

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