Thursday, February 05, 2009

Clowns and Pretend Clowns -Andrew Card

As a man who started his career as a clown, Red Skelton had an enduring affection for the art of clowning and brought to TV its reality as an art. Red Skelton was a very funny man and he managed it with politeness and grace. He made the ridiculous sublime.

Then there is this clown, Andrew Card. Andrew is dissatisfied with the level of dress in the White House, gasp, President Obama doesn't have a problem with ties and shirt sleeves rather than suit coats and ties. Apparently a suit jacket has something to do with respect for the Office.

There is a big white building there in DC we call the White House and it has offices in it where business of the nation is done. It is no more than sticks and mortar. It has nothing to do with respect for the Office of the Presidency. We may see it as a symbol for the types of things that are supposed to happen under the Office of the Presidency, but the fact of an address has nothing to do with what is supposed to happen there. That piece is covered under a founding document and an oath and the fact of 300-plus million Americans who need a government.

Now I'm pretty sure most Americans would be surprised and disconcerted if the President instituted a pink tu-tu Friday at the office policy - including me, but really in the end I'd not give a rat's patoot if the Constitution is given its actual due. You know, the part where it is the founding law of the Nation and, by oath, the primary responsibility of the President. Andy Card says George W Bush gave the Office its due respect by requiring a suit and tie.

Red Skelton wasn't funny because of a red nose and broken top hat, he was funny because he was an artist and because he gave that art functional respect. Andy Card is funny in a sad way because he thinks dress-up time makes something real. Kind of like GWB's flight suit before the infamous banner moment. I don't blame GW Bush for the economic meltdown, just the acceleration and depth, thirty years of Republicanism did the real work. I do blame him for using the Constitution as toilet paper, I do blame him for such disrespect for the art of governing that idiots and partisan hacks were sufficient for him in the running of government. I do blame GW Bush for the lost treasure and blood in Iraq. The suit and tie rule George had in place didn't prevent any of that and it didn't make it right or better.

So Andy, pretend clown is being very generous toward those of your ilk.

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