Friday, February 06, 2009

Fine, Explain This To Me

Tonight the news is reporting that in an effort to get to 60 votes the US Senate has split the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into a 58% spending and 42% tax break division. We have had eight years of BushCo tax nonsense and now, after the 2008 election we are finding out that it was just starting?

Was there an election in 2008 or are the same idiots still running the show? You are telling me that two Republican Senators cost $320 Billion? Why did we bother to vote? Thirty years of Republicanism have driven this economy in the ditch and they get to keep driving? Rather than make the thugs from the Red side actually filibuster (this is an error, it is a matter of deficit spending requiring 3/5) they get 42% of a recovery bill that's supposed to help with the mess they've made?

Somebody real important had better explain this crap.

I'm about this " far from taking a walk, I put work and money and time into electing Democrats so I can have ... Republicanism and an argument about the 2nd Amendment? I'm supposed to stand still for being lied into supporting the cause of the pricks who wrecked this economy and trashed the Constitution? 58 votes aren't enough for you people to stand the hell up and make those Republicans do an actual filibuster? I'll be Go To Hell.


Laura said...

I am not important and I am going to make a horrible horrible comment, but here goes: men with no lips should not be given the opportunity to speak for anybody but themselves, that's why they have non-existent lips.

May I say, I hope this is not true and Obama is not giving up on the first fight he encounters.

Chuck Butcher said...

I am very damn close to having had it. Susan goddam Collins from godforsaken Maine gets to set the deal? 42% Tax Cuts? WTF?

Nothing horrid in your comment, the horrid is in DC.

sh said...

Couldn't agree more, Chuck. I hope that either a) Harry Reid grows some balls or b) there is a viable primary challenge. I'd run myself but I'm not well enough connected. Oscar Goodman might work out....

realbtl said...

even though I hesitate to underestimate the stupidity of Republicans, I don't believe they would filibuster. Historically what made filibusters effective is that they came towards the end of a session with other important bills (budgets etc.) behind them. They kept Senators from being able to vote on things they really wanted passed. Do you really think the Rs want to filibuster until October? While the economy tanks? I agree, let them filibuster. It will fail.