Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Pot Full Of Justice

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a story up about the 50 year old wife of an Elyria, OH judge fighting off 4 robbers with a 5 qt sauce pan. There are elements of it that will warm your heart and probably make you want to shake her hand. Her husband said,
"She did all the things I told her never to do in that kind of situation," he said. "We've been married 47 years and she raised our five sons. She's not afraid of anything."

Some comments had uncomplimentary things to say about the "liberal philosophy" of lie down and take it. I may not be willing to give someone else control over my life in such a setting but I'm also a healthy capable male. If you want to go where this spunky lady did, you had best recognize that you may be engaging in a real serious fight - one that could get you hurt very badly or killed. A lot of real tough theoretical rhetoric get tossed around and it is a damned good thing these characters weren't inclined to beat the hell out of an old lady.

I don't mean this to be anymore than an exhortation to engage your brain and measure risk versus outcome before acting. That thing in your skull is there for more than keeping your ears from collapsing together.


Zak Johnson said...

That's awesome. Lucky lady, probably the wrong thing for her to do, as you noted, but still.

The Chinuk said...

People also need to ask themselves why it is we always assume liberals will "lie down and take it".

Chuck Butcher said...

I really have no idea why that idea has such currency in the right. I'm also not sure how they connect their bad ass rhetoric with their hard core Christianity.