Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Daschle Withdraws From HHS

Tom Daschle was one of Barack Obama's earliest supporters and is an expert in health care. He also managed to not pay taxes. This is a real problem. It isn't just that it was some kind of miscue, there is what it was about.

Daschle got the use of a car and driver and the amount involved wasn't inconsiderable. His excuse was that he thought it was a gift. I have a bit of a problem with gifts of that magnitude and the idea that it isn't income. The Republican success over the past years with tax cut nonsense has something to say about American's regard for paying taxes, but they do pay them.

Now the Republicans were managing to make some hay off the issue, which is understandable - don't ever give the neanderthals ammunition. I do have to wonder what would happen if they had to stand that kind of scrutiny.

I was disappointed when Daschle lost to a guy like Thune, all that said, it would have been better if the President had withdrawn the nomination. It wouldn't have been better for Daschle, but appearances do count for a lot and spending good will on something like this isn't good.

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