Monday, February 23, 2009

Republican Governor Haley Barbour Can Say Anything

Gov Haley Barbour (MS-R) says he won't take stimulus money because it will cause a tax increase on business. This gets reported just because he says it and no one says, "OK, what kind of money are we talking about?" Current MS UE
tax rates aren't in the least hard to find. Currently standing at 2.7% of wage they are allowed to vary from 0.7% to 5.2%, so 25% increase would amount to a total of about 3.2%. That is what he's talking about after the stimulus money runs out.

So, the question that seems important isn't whether he's an asshole, it is why the media puts no context whatever on these people saying whatever they want to say, as though it is meaningful. Think about it, a 25% increase is just under $0.007 on the dollar wage. That's right folks, seven damned cents on $10.00 per hour wages (boy there are a lot of those in MS??).

Stamping your feet and rolling on the floor because a Democrat has the nerve to try to do something about mess left by the Confederate Party of Republicanism is soooo responsible. What do you want to bet nobody, and I mean nobody in the big media will bother to call BS? If a nail bender from NE OR can come up with the relevant information...

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Micgar said...

That's the thing that gets me about what these guys are complaining about! The news media *(that huge liberal establishment-uh huh) never questions these twits about their arguments!! They just take them at face level.