Friday, February 13, 2009

Chuck Absent With Cause

As I watched the stimulus bill running through the Senate I began to get disturbed. As the thing went to a Senate vote I very nearly lost my mind. I watched the Democrats put Republican junk tax measures into a bill to create and protect jobs, on their own. Then they decided they had to buy off three confounded Republicans by building a small r republican bill. I didn't just do the work and spend the money on this election to get Reaganism. I mean that. I did not. I have suffered a lot of bullshit over 37 years of being a registered Democrat, from my Party and particularly from the other one. I am politically left, not liberal, not progressive - left. I'm a small businessman so obviously I'm not a communist or socialist, but I'm sick of watching this country be run exclusively for the benefit of the plutocracy.

I'm political realist enough to recognize that my version of leftism isn't happening suddenly or without a lot of ground preparation. I don't expect to get my way. What I cannot and will not accept without bomb throwing is doing things the way the other side wants it done, in the same failed nonsense methodology. I won't accept mortgaging my kids' future to play Republicanism after an election like this one and in the situation we're in. No Damn Way.

I shut up, I waited to see what the process was going to play out as once the Senate BS version hit the House. I don't like it. I also don't hate it enough to believe it is the end for me and politics. It hasn't done my enthusiasm level a bit of good. It isn't enough for me to play opposition to the stupidity of the Republican Party, I do politics to help my nation and especially its citizens. OK, here I am, again.

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Tom Carter said...

Chuck, there's a lot of nonsense floating around about the bill. The McCaughey OpEd you refer to above, the endangered Pelosi-favored mouse, billions going to ACORN, etc. The really disturbing thing to me is that no one seems to know everything that's in the bill. From comments being made by members of Congress, most if not all of them haven't even read the entire 1,000+ page monster. If I were a congressman or senator, I don't think I could bring myself to vote for a bill that I hadn't at least read. Seems to have been too much haste in this process.