Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Behind The Republican Stimulus Curtain Of Deceit

A couple Republican House Representatives are bragging about what they added into the stimulus bill, the one that got no, 0, Republican votes. Hmmm, must've been important stuff they added in that it wasn't worth a vote, er..., two. Rush Limbaugh hopes the plan fails because Jesus wouldn't make deals with Satan, ummm, OKKKKK, who is Satan in this scenario? Would it be appropriate to note the part about nails and a cross? Pat Robertson tells Rush he's not thinking clearly, we need to be behind our President because if he fails the people suffer...jumpin' jayzus on a jumpin' jack did he really say that? No kiddin', the faggot hurricane guy? Ah, just yanking your chain there, Pat, I know you didn't mean it, anymore than that immorality caused 9/11 crap, and surely not the whacking Hugo Chavez crack. You did stand firm with GWB, through torture and indefinite imprisonment without charges and... OK, you're a stand-up guy. We all know Rush doesn't really run the Republican Party...well we were pretty sure until a (R) Rep had to call up his show and apologize for saying so.

It certainly was unfair of the Democrats to cut the Republicans out of the bill and not let them read it and all, except for all those parts about seeding lawns, contraceptives, Acorn, mice or rats, and 32% tax cuts and...oh yeah the part where some "new" (Bush appointee) director was going to control your doctor...and some... I'll run out of page if I do go on. Maybe I really should mention the stuff those two Reps put in the bill for their districts, the ones that had no input and didn't get to read it, ones, voted Nay ones.

I'm sure it's basically unfair to use Ed Morrisey as an example of Republicans:
In order to get that, Republicans had to shut down Porkulus. It would have forced Democrats to negotiate with Republicans and get the better bill to Obama’s desk. All we needed was Republicans to stand firm in the service of their fellow Republicans and to defy Nancy Pelosi’s triumphalism. The House did its job, as did most of the Republicans in the Senate, even while saying that they would support a real stimulus package. Instead, Specter, Collins, and Snowe essentially stabbed their colleagues in the back — while Specter whined about the lack of debate on the bill, after he voted for cloture and an end to debate.

It would be in bad form to mention a Trillion Dollars down the Iraqi hole along with One and a Half Trillion Dollar Tax Cut For the Rich so shortly after his perspicacious usage of Porkulus about half a dozen times, but then there are his Commentariate:
CNN has Obama’s approval rating at 76%. That’s Reaganesque. Perhaps it would be wise for us Republicans to work with the Democrats, and our President.

Atlanta Voter on February 16, 2009 at 10:25 PM
So you are O.K. with communism and socialism?

Johan Klaus on February 16, 2009 at 10:28 PM

It gets into that foaming at the mouth point pretty frequently:
Dude. I’d rather see the GOP go six feet under than work with that socialist bastard. Sure, I want America to do well, regardless of the president, but I don’t want the supposed representatives of capitalism to support the crappy policies of a crappy politician.

I won't link to their crap, if you're curious it's Hot Air and the Google will get you there. I didn't really need this abuse for my brain but I was checking some one's link and read it.
Let's work together, OK, it'll be fine.

But, hold the phone, it gets even better, Karl Rove is talking about how the economy will be all better by the time the stimulus kicks in so it's just a waste of money. So, if it fails Republicans win because they told you so and if it works it worked because everything got better without it. Heads I Win, Tails You Lose. Now that the bill is passed and they're out from under it watch for more of that theme. Remember, Karl is the guy who has The Math.

In recent polling House Democrats and Pelosi gained a few points and Boehner and House Republicans slid a bit (boy you DO NOT want to slide from that point). Senate worked the same way but margins weren't quite as impressive. Four Republican Governors backed the stimulus, Charlie Christ went so far as to lobby his delegation - to no effect. Pawlenty was on Maddow and played hell trying to play a middle ground of Party loyalty and not sounding asinine while taking the money with some grace. For a fraction of a second I felt sorry for him, it passed with no damage done.

The Party of NO has had its way so it's time to move on. Be assured that if the Democrats try to do anything remotely Democratic this was only a taste and god help them if they try to do something that might ding the plutocrats - that's when the knives will really come out.

Oh, BTW, if you hadn't heard...Arrowsmith really didn't like Whip Cantor using their tune behind his silly 0 video, infringement and all that - something the Party of Business does a lot of, oddly enough, property rights and all that. I guess the hyper morality Cantor missed the part where "Back In the Saddle" is about banging a hooker... Or maybe considering Sen Diaper Vitter maybe not... Of course the FCC doesn't have jurisdiction over the internet, right Janet?

This has been your peek behind the deceit of the Republican stimulus curtain.

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