Friday, September 14, 2007

UPS, FedEx, and Teamsters

Most of us are familiar with the Brown Trucks, the white FedEx, and have some passing familiarity with the Teamsters. If you were standing outside the business of package delivery you'd think those companies and Teamsters would have a shared relationship. You'd also be wrong.

You see, UPS started out 100 years ago and not too oddly, they used trucks to accomplish their business, FedEx on the other hand started out as an air-delivery company and there's the rub. Teamsters long ago organized UPS but FedEx as an airline operates under different more difficult labor laws. FedEx operates under the Railroad Labor Act which bars any one group of organized employees from crippling that carrier.

Rep James Oberstar (D- Minn), the chairman of House Transportation Committee has produced an amendment to the FAA re-authorization bill that would put FedEx's drivers, maintenance workers, and some other employees under the same NLRB rules UPS operates under. Here's a surprise, Sen Trent Lott (R-MS) promises to throw himself on this "landmine." Do you suppose working people who vote for these anti-labor Republicans will ever give up on their sham god-ness and wake up to their plutocratic agenda?

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