Sunday, September 23, 2007

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave?

A few years back over 70% of Americans indulged Shock and Awe, they sat quietly as Habeas Corpus was eliminated, watched with little interest as fundamental freedoms from search and seizure were abrogated, and allowed our government to torture in secret prisons. Why? Terrorism. Or, rather, fear of terrorism, which (using a few grey cells) is its desired end. The fear of terrorism spread by our own politicians and willing media makes them complicit in the act - by definition, co-terrorists. So, here you have sworn defenders of the Constitution making common cause with criminal gangsters of the fanatic persuasion.

What is missing in the equation seems to be the understanding that the fanatics cannot change the American way of life - they cannot take away our freedom, they cannot take our women out of work and public life, they cannot change our religions or lack of, they might be able to kill or maim a handful of us, but the ability to make those changes lies with the American people. Do not allow the demagogues of whatever point of view to place that responsibility elsewhere, it lies directly with the citizens of America. So that you understand me, we allowed BushCo to behave as it has, it is certainly true that they have been the driving force, but we allowed it.

I am hugely disappointed in this nation and I am appalled by the continued tolerance of this behavior. We need to target for replacement each Congressperson who has promoted or tolerated this cowardly behavior. Of the crop of Presidential candidates an automatic disqualification for a vote would be the same and any of the remaining who are not currently calling in the strongest terms for a return to a Constitutional and freedom based government should get short shrift. American media that has participated needs to be boycotted, from entire networks and publications to individual programming and writers. This is scarcely a deprivation of their freedom of speech, it is simply an exercise in your freedom in what you consume. Do you get your business news from the WSJ? Their editorial agenda is anti-Constitution - there are other sources, let the whack job cowards support their rag. If you're a Republican, either be a force for change or get out - either way, quit being a part of fear mongering. For pete's sake, take action.


KISS said...

Would you be willing to sack Wyden, Pelosi, Dodds, Boxer, Hillary and Obama and the dimmo ilk?
Would you vote for Ron Paul? The Bush dogs are even worse than the repugs because they are so hypocritical. At least with the righteous right I KNOW what is on their agenda.

Kevin said...

Echo what Chuck said.

I personally would be very willing to see Pelosi, Boxer and Hillary sacked. But then I'm not a Democrat...

I have long respected Ron Paul's positions on terrorism/civil rights and would prefer him to all of the GOP hopefuls and most of the Dem hopefuls. But... Obama is the only one who called Iraq correctly. Not just in opposing the invasion but in very accurately predicting what the results would be in Iraq.

There are many issues where a President can get it wrong and correct course to get it right with little damage being caused in the process. But War isn't one of them. Obama's getting my vote for that reason.

KISS said...

For some great [ sad] reading try David Sirota's Friday column.
The article is entitled " Over The Dead Bodies...Again.
If you thought Clinton sold us out, which he did in spades, this new NAFTA sell-out is treason to say the least. But than I again truly believe we live in " The Fascist Republic of Amerika".

Steve Culley said...

What are the statistics, 96 percent of incumbents are reelected. The only solution is for the American public to start paying attention, read something once in awhile. Fat cahnce, the parties will give us a Hillary or Rudy and you got the choice between two bad options. Me I plan on writing in Paul and maybe Byron Dorgan. Won't change much but at least I'm not going to play the game anymore.

Zak J. said...

I'm amazed so few people in the country believe Bush or Cheney have actually committed any crimes. Uttering the impeachment word still labels you as fringe among most Americans who don't seem to mind that torture and even murder of defenseless prisoners has been going on for the past 5 years. Very sad to see.