Sunday, September 16, 2007

Alexis Debat, ABC, and the Nixon Center

Do you find the conservative movement to be particularly credulous? Kind of like that greedy bass that went for the shiny lure, the nice flashy thing that looked not in the least like his real prey? You can keep a baby happy for hours by dangling bright colorful objects over its crib, just as long as they move a little....

Alexis Debat, ABC terrorism expert, former French Intelligence Ministry employee, in fact Doctor - PhD Alexis Debat Nixon Center Fellow is a complete fake. Rue89 has at least part of the story and it does raise some real serious smells, Brian Ross over at ABC looks particularly bad, but you have to go looking a little to see where all this crap got pedalled. PBS relied on ABC's judgement and used the guy, and whoa - fair and balanced Faux News Murdoch's London Times got a screaming headline, Pentagon 'Three-day Blitz Plan' for Iran , complete with red meat, “Whether you go for pinprick strikes or all-out military action, the reaction from the Iranians will be the same.” It was, he added, a “very legitimate strategic calculus”.

The Nixon Center which called him their Director of National Security and Terrorism (hey how's that for 'security'?) publishes a rag called The National Interest and here's some more of that stuff, "what started not as a clash of civilization is increasingly looking like one." Just in case you thought maybe we had some whack-job religio-loons to deal with, nah, the expert says it's an entire culture...oh no mommy I'm soooo scared.

ABC News has been trying to get some of his stuff off, but there's a bit still floating around, like the linked one, a four page piece fluffing Abu Zarqawi as the new Ossma ready for global conflict, yeah, the guy blown up in a hut in Iraq. You know that one got the right's knickers in a knot, 'gotta get them al-Qaeda in Iraq guys before they follow us home. Poor ABC :, "This Blotter Has Been Removed..." (I'd have loved to done "Poor ABC" as the link, but the thing's a mess).

The Nixon Center hasn't scrubbed its Site yet so here's a little sample, "Iraq has turned into a safe house for terrorists. It is a place where recruits are trained and develop institutional and personal relationships that provide Al-Qaeda with a structure that is ambiguous yet existent and defined." Hey, you don't suppose GeorgeII and the BushCo apologists have been talking to this fake do you?

Kind of like BushCo's WMDs this guy's fakery was accomplished by building falsehoods verified by other falsehoods and credentials supported by the willing dupes' credentialing him. Now all of that only worked because he sold them what they wanted, he gave them the junk they wanted to believe, just like any good con. The list of rightists who bought this goes on for pages and pages of Google, terrorism freaks and others willingly eating it up, CBN lapped away at this scary stuff, "I think we have seen the hand of Iraq veterans coming back to Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco even Europe sometimes, with considerable skills, not only in bomb-making, but advanced counter intelligence, " Alexis Debat said.

Real facts say that terrorism is a threat from a small minority of people, and those people must be dealt with, real facts don't warrant the fear, fear, fear sold by these people who will buy just darn near anything that sounds like fear. Think about it, these people run around beating their chests while cringing from shadows, silliness. But then they do have a faux warrior in the White House keeping them stirred up - you'd think they'd learn.

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