Thursday, September 06, 2007

Not MY Commenting Rules...

I've had at least one conservative commenter crab that I was unfair when I asked for some toning down and then delete a comment that went (admittedly in my judgement) too far. Now why a conservative would read my lefty blog is odd to me, it certainly is a recipe for staying stirred up. Possibly they want to know what the animals are up to, I check in on Rush and Faux for the same reason. I don't really know what is up with that but I was accused of being unfair and like all liberals, hunting in a pack (I'm not sure what that means).

So, I give you Redstate's posting rules :

The posting rules for are as follows:
No profanity.
No personal attacks.
No harassment or demonization of a particular individual.
No disruptive behavior or off-topic remarks for their own sake.
The purpose of this site is promote conservative and Republican ideals. This is our home, and we ask you kindly not to track mud into it. Revocation of posting privileges (banning) will take place after a warning of behavior which violates the intent and spirit of these rules.
The proprietors of this site are the sole and final judges and enforcers of this policy. ..(there's more)

Now I discourage profanity and personal attacks, but really; how constipated is that stuff. If you want to dispute a post with me, ok, dispute it - but do that, not pointless "you liberals are all the same" stuff. There's at least a couple things wrong with that, I'm too left to be a liberal and then a good number of liberals think I'm gun and car crazy; which I'd say takes care of "same."

Sure, I'll admit I think impeachment is a waste of time, but I'd also like to see GWB and some of his cronies standing in Federal Court wearing orange jump suits and cuffs shortly after he leaves office. Yes, I do believe their are more remedies for their behavior than a symbolic and endlessly partisan impeachment. In fact I think January 20th 2009 would be a good time to have a "blogswarm" on that particular issue. Is that liberal???

So, really, if you think I'm just full of it; read something else, write your own blog, or come play. But if you come to play don't try the "X" did that or "Y" was worse, I wasn't talking about "X" or "Y", I was talking about "Z"; unless of course "Z" is running against "X" or "Y".

This blog has the comments feature turned on for a reason, and it's not so you can tell me I'm wonderful (I already know how wonderful I am), it's so you can put something new into the mix. Go ahead and do that.

Thanks for coming around

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Anonymous said...

I asked for some toning down and then delete a comment that went (admittedly in my judgement) too far. Now why a conservative would read my lefty blog is odd to me, it certainly is a recipe for staying stirred up. SAID CHUCK

As the above mentioned, why read your blog?

Why? You and I have things in common!

I feel responsible for your increased readership, cause for awhile, you were writing to yourself...LOL.

Chuck, your co-horts do hunt and kill in packs...YOU LOOK UP BLUEOREGON, you know who I am.

Had many a debate until I refused to roll over an play dead....THEN I GOT KICKED OFF.

Case in point...The disgusting piece by A. Chuang, on the convicted terror cell member of the PDX 6!

I wrote of my disgust with her trying to make a hero out of someone who was trying to kill us.

You leftys can make all the excuses you want..HE WAS TRIED AND CONVICTED! (for my response/dissent/disgust, I was promptly cut off from emailing her.

If I don't be nice, yet have to absorb comments that are offensive or just piss me off...noooo, you can't do that...NO NO NO... You must abide by our rules...WHAT FING DEBATE WORKS LIKE THAT?

You have shown a side that shows me when a man stands his ground, as I have found you to do...RESPECT can be built!

Your friends on the OLD BLUE...can kiss my----- well you know!

9II again, IS COMING!

Hope you and I don't pay for it here...IF WE DO, and survive...THOSE ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE, THAT DIDN'T DO ENOUGH...or diluted what it should have taken to stop it, need to be hunted down and tossed from office.