Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Things in Iraq Are Better - Utter Nonsense

You absolutely have to enlarge this graph, I'm sorry I couldn't enlarge it.

I'd be ecstatic if things in Iraq were better, I may oppose this war but I want the troops doing well and being well. I care deeply how their lives fare, I understand wounds and death are a part of warfare - but lying to the US public is garbage. I took the time to put together this bar graph which contains total Iraq fatalities for each month. One month of one year, April of 2004 has exceed 2007 fatalities by month since the "Surge", January 2004 exceeded January 2007. You can track the ups and downs in a glance. The recent good news is mirrored in every month, it gets really hot in July and August and every year deaths go down.

I can stand a philosophical argument about this war, but outright lying makes me livid. There is a special place for these people if you're religious, it's called Hell and they can't get there too soon to disappoint me. I cannot in anything approaching polite language describe the disconnect between this graph and what we're being told.

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