Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rep Jane Harman Says BushCo Lied About FISA

Rep Jane Harman has stated that the White House provided known bogus intelligence to scare Congress into its pre-recess approval of wire-tap expansions. I guess that provides me with two opportunities to rant.

This administration's penchant for playing politics with fear is scarcely news worthy, novel, or otherwise other than ordinary run of business for them. That they are not held in lower esteem for it is noteworthy, that any grown up falls for it - repeatedly - is sad, that Congress is so stupid as to take this bunch at their word is appalling. But, Congress did - again.

Now here is where the real crunch comes, we all know that GWB's oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States is meaningless, now we find that in Congress it only holds true if somebody doesn't tell you a scary story. Seriously, we'll just willy-nilly abrogate Constitutional guarantees if the White House tell us to, the heck with asking to see the facts, the data, nah, just tell us it's so and it's done. Is there some particular reason to have a Congress? GeorgeII can just say what is so, the Courts say oh yes, and when we get sick of it we can treat him to another George's fate, except he's on this side of the ocean, in which case a Louis would be more appropriate.

You have to start to wonder if the idea of principle is entirely foreign to most of that body, if the concept of a basic rule of law called the Constitution has any meaning at all. I've commented that Washingtonians have a primary regarding Rep Baird, I've just decided that a whole whacking bunch of states have meaningful Democratic Primaries. I'll admit to having a bunch of grey areas with Oregon's Democratic delegation, but overall I've been OK with that, it is politics. But I've had this. I'll be damned if I'll bend a knee to GeorgeII - I'd bend him over my knee...but this unending fear smitten behavior in our Congress is enough. Let's see who voted Aye on this and take them to task.

The bill earned the support of 16 Democrats in the Senate and 41 Democrats in the House. Yeas:
Bayh, Evan; Carper, Tom; Casey, Bob; Conrad, Kent; Feinstein, Diane; Inouye, Daniel; Klobuchar, Amy; Landieu, Mary; Lincoln, Blanche; McCaskill, Claire; Mikulski, Barbara; Nelson, Ben; Nelson, Bill; Pryor, Mark; Salazar, Ken; Webb, James - Senators all, our deliberative body.

Altmire, Jason; Barrow, John; Bean, Melissa; Boren David; Boswell, Leonard; Boyd, F; Carney, Christopher; Chandler, Albert; Cooper, Jim; Costa, Jim; Cramer, Robert; Cuellar, Henry; Davis, Artur; Davis, Lincoln; Donnelly, Joe; Ellsworth, Brad; Etheridge, Bob; Gordon, Bart; Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie; Higgins, Brian; Hills, Baron; Lampson, Nick; Lipinski, Daniel; Marshall, James; Matheson, Jim; McIntyre, Mike; Malancon, Charlie; Mitchell, Harry; Peterson, Collin; Pomeroy, Earl; Rodriguez, Ciro; Salazar, John; Shuler, Heath; Snyder, Vic; Space, Zachary; Tanner, John, Taylor, Gene; Walz, Timothy; Wilson, Charles - The People's House.

You will note that there is not the name of a single one of Oregon's Congressional Democrats. Not one. And that is 5 Democrats out of 7 total members. You will note, please, that Walden (R - OR 02) and Smith (R-OR) vote BushCo Yea. A couple Republicans actually voted nay, I can't be bothered to list them; the other Party can.

A Hall of Shame for Democrats, and a couple names it's really too bad to see there, oh well, they need to go. Bye, Bye, don't let the door hit you on the way out...


KISS said...

Bush dogs are what they are. Dimmos and repugs...what's the difference? All are lap-dogs to their corporate masters.
Did you read how GQ magazine sold out to the Clintons. It's called MONEY for those asleep. That ass hole bubba will be named GQ man of the year.

Zak J. said...

"...that Congress is so stupid as to take this bunch at their word is appalling. But, Congress did - again..."

What's the saying again? "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice..." Well it's been more than twice now by far. What a spineless, self-serving bunch.