Friday, September 07, 2007

Doris Anderson Found - Alive

She's been found alive after two weeks in the wilds of Baker County, Jason Jacoby and Mike Ferguson of the Baker City Herald have the story. Baker County Deputy Travis Ash and and OSP Senior Trooper Chris Hawkins went back out to search on their day off and used good woodsman tactics to find her, the story by Chris Collins in the Herald details the rescue.

I know, respect, and like all these reporters so I'm only going to tease you into reading our local paper.

For those of you unfamiliar with our countryside, it is very rough, very high, and a very good place to not get lost in.


joycemocha said...

I'm amazed they found her. We were talking about it at work yesterday (I work up on Mt. Hood, where we've had our share of lost and disappeared persons).

Everyone was pleasantly amazed to hear she'd been found alive. I guess a memorial service that had been planned for Saturday is now a party (mind you, this is Oktoberfest weekend in Sandy!)

Chuck Butcher said...

Pleasantly amazed is a very apt description. Great work by Deputy and Trooper.

People just do not appreciate how rugged this country is, yes the peaks max at 10K feet but they're coming from 3000 feet with virtually no foothill climb. Please folks, come out here knowing what you're doing, this lady was widely assumed to be dead, quite reasonably. There is a heck of a lot of "nowhere" with nowhere to go out here and very few people wandering around to find you.

joycemocha said...

I'm more familiar with the Imnaha area and the Wallowa side of the mountains than the Baker/Halfway side, and was trying to place where she was.

Just from the canyon country I know, I'll second what you say, absolutely. It's tough, rugged country like nothing else here in Oregon, except perhaps Hood itself.