Friday, September 14, 2007

Boston (D) Files for OR HD45

Today Cyreena Boston, age 27, filed to run for HD45 as a Democratic candidate. Cyreena was raised in NE Portland and returned after attending Spellman College. Cyreena is the former DPO Constituency Director, one of the DNC sponsored hires.

I have known Cyreena from the time she was hired by DPO, I have found her to be intelligent, charming, and dedicated. She has studied issues in depth and delved into Constituency Outreach. While her grasp of minority issues is deep and broad, it is important to note that her reach far exceeds that, a large part of her job involved rural Oregon, including my part of the state, the OR 2nd CD.

There is not doubt in my mind that Cyreena will ably serve HD45 with great dedication and accessibility. The largest part of her job for DPO involved listening and learning the issues confronting various constituency groups and bringing them forward to DPO. This is possibly the most intensive on the job training one could have for the position she is seeking. Until now I have not endorsed any candidate for any position, on the basis of personal knowledge and admiration I am now doing so. Even though HD45 is far from my district and I am unable to cast a vote, I am happy to give my support to a friend and former colleague.

If you'd like to learn more or offer support, you can reach her site at


Wayne said...

Awfully nice post, Chuck.
Cyreena was a pleasure to work with at the DPO, and I'm sure she'd made a dandy legislator.

Wayne said...

Oops, meant she'd MAKE a dandy legislator.

Steve Culley said...

So where does she stand on Land use planning, illegal immigration and firearms?

Chuck Butcher said...

Broken link fixed

KISS said...

Gordley an Carter were so far left of reason I worry about Boston and her values. If like Gordley and Carter we got big troubles. The gal I likes was the rep that quit although I did disagree with her racial agenda. But overall she was fair. Damn I wish I could remember her name.