Monday, September 03, 2007

Bush and You Traitors

George W Bush, PotUS, "The stakes in Iraq are too high and the consequences too grave for our security here at home to allow politics to harm the mission of our men and women in uniform.” You idjits had better get this, what ever else, GWB is the Decider, he's decided, so shut the .... up and get along with it. Once he's decided, the issue is no longer debatable and not subject to revision, by anybody - including the Congress.

A lot of things are coming unglued, the NIE, which certainly was messed with, and the GAO draft report, leaked before it could be mucked up, do not show what BushCo would like to have shown. “Our force is stretched and out of balance,” General Casey said Thursday at a ceremony. “The tempo of our deployments are not sustainable, our equipment usage is five times the normal rate and continuously operating in harsh environments.”

With certain disjoints the BushCo apparatus is pushing ahead with its Iraq war sales pitch, despite telling Congress it should wait for the Sept 15 Petraeus/Crocker briefing. Certainly nobody should notice the Ari Fleisher propaganda outfit's recent creation. You really might have to stretch pretty hard to find comparisons to BushCo in modern history.

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