Monday, September 17, 2007

Something To Do, For Awhile

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When I started this was a foundation and slab, now we're siding up and painting down. I'm not a painter, but the owner preferred to pay me to paint using my siding scaffolding. The tarped up tools are two radial arm saws, one 220AC 12" equipped with a diamond blade to cut the cementious siding (HardiPlank) and a 110AC 10" for OSB based trim (SmartTrim). The roof is 10 pitch and the eves on the sides are 30 feet above ground and yes, I have spent a fair amount of time walking those walls.

This house is quite unique, three stories are uncommon and this one has very close lot lines, 5 feet to the eves on the side and 15 feet in the rear. The building it attached to is turn of the century as is the house directly behind it, so features were added to make it congruent with the neighborhood. There is some heavy duty and complex framing within, all floors clear span the width of the building minus in places the stairwell and the elevator shaft, which is in the front right corner behind the small lower roof. The interior ceiling at roof line is vaulted, including the smaller side gables, some fairly involved and time consuming stick framing.

I enjoy what I do for a living, so I thought I'd share a bit of it.


Keeneye said...

It looks great! I've been walking by it almost daily, and enjoy seeing the progress. It's gone up so fast, too.

Nice work.

Chuck Butcher said...

Stop and say hello. I'm looking forward to trying some pizza.