Thursday, August 30, 2012

Anything Happening Today? Nothing Important

I suppose I could be torturing myself by listening to the RNC speeches, but I'd like to save myself that self-induced pain.  It isn't so much the stupid lies that hurt my brain, it is the process of them stupidly countering the stupid thing they made up for their stupid listeners.  That's a hell of a lot of stupid to endure for the sake of pitter-patting my fingers on this keyboard for people who can't be bothered to laugh at me or say attaboy or acknowledge they were here at all.  For cripes sake if it's that damn embarrassing to be caught out reading this drivel, why come in?

Ah, I don't really mean it - well, mostly not.  I'm cranky.  Look here, I'm not going to apologize for being well Left of the President (publicly...anyhow) and thinking that his inclinations and policies are way too rightish, corporatistic, and plutocratic enabling.  What I am is real tired of the lunatics from the GOPerish side of Elsewhere insulting me by putting him rhetorically miles Left of me.  You goddam idiots - I'm not even a Socialist and you don't even know what the term means in regard Shinola.

These idiots have no idea that the Health Care model preceding ACA (ObamaCare) was the most bastardized version of socialized medicine probably possible.  Every uninsured hospital visit or other medical care was billed directly to either the taxpayers or their Health Insurance Billing.  Yeah, I think the Bill that got through Congress stinks, but its smell is nothing compared to the blatant idiocy that preceded it.  These people seem to think that the damned health care providers magically generated money to cover those expenses - they got one o' them money trees in the atrium...

If they want to get up in the air about socialism they need to go look at BushCo who provided the military industrial complex with unfunded wars to subsidize their products, or the crony unbidded contracts for services in those wars, or maybe most outrageously the Financial Crook Bailout - that crushed the hell out of most of the population.  Now you could almost as accurately describe that as something like the Italian Fascisti program... but that would be rude considering who they Allied with (er... Axised with?).

Despite all their redistribution of wealth, job creator, individualism bullshit they run a program that is essentially the socialism of plutocracy.  In the process of stripping wealth out of the country and sending it up to the top of the scale they use the labor and investment of ordinary people to support a system deliberately designed to enhance the earning power of an incredibly small percentage of the populace.  They wish to accelerate the process and in the process defeat all those bullshit rhetorical devices they espouse.  Jobs are created by demand and people without income do not create that state, wealth is redistributed - upwards and deliberately so, individualism is crushed by the access to power of the few through wealth and nobody takes responsibility other than those most crushed in the process.

I'm cranky.  A decent percentage of the voters know what has to happen but it will not and those people will be called the cause of the problem.  The vast, too disinterested to figure it out, majority will send us farther down the road we're on and the difference will be how fast we get to disaster.  Some of us will vote for the least offensive and maybe along with some of the vast majority it will be enough to defeat the party of rush to wreckage and we can continue to stumble down that same path a bit more slowly.

We have good decent people with a clue like Jeff Merkley and Sherrod Brown and Bernie Sanders in the halls of power and that would be nice if they were more than window dressing.  Because we load their ranks with people like Rand Paul or even Joe Lieberman those people become immaterial.   Without a lot of similar company they amount to a "feel good" for some of us.  Stupidity is going to be the end of us, we won't go out in a bang, we'll go quietly smothered in a blanket of idiocy and that is sad - makes me cranky.


Mammy said...

You are going to give yourself an ulcer. History keeps repeating itself and we will keep stumbling along. If you read this, you need to read the e=mail I just sent you.

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