Tuesday, August 07, 2012

A Lie A Day Keeps... Away?

Good grief Mitt. Yesterday you rolled out a lie about the Obama Administration trying to remove military early voting in Ohio, today - you lie about Work to Welfare? I'll go along with the idea that you've flipperfloppped all over the place and that you do have a remarkable string of lies... does untruths sound better? But a daily dose?

So Rince Princess (RNC) calls Harry Reid a "dirty liar" because he asserts that someone credible told him R-money hadn't paid federal income tax on the basis that... I dunno, what? That Mitt is so credible when he says he's "paid taxes," rather than that he's paid federal income taxes?

 At a lie a damn day, the so-called fact checkers and fainting ladies of media call out... Harry Reid? That this election isn't 60/40 Obama/R-money should tell you something about the state of this nation. That any dumbass has the nerve to say spit about Harry Reid in this context says a lot about the state of the media.

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