Friday, August 17, 2012

The Girls Gotta Love Romney/Ryan

I've been hearing how good looking Mitt R-money and Ayn Ryan are, maybe some of the girls can help me out here because I sure don't see it, myself.  To be sure I am not using myself as a measure, but - huh?  Anyhow, now that I've pissed off the women by calling them girls lets move on to where I actually wanted to go.

OK, ladies - and anybody that cares about them - do you think there are negative outcomes for you if this stuff the Vulture/Voucher are proposing happens?

Obamacare goes away and along with it your wellness screenings and birth control in insurance
Planned Parenthood goes away
Personhood gets done so in vitro, IUDs, hormonal birth control, any abortion are all outlawed
Medicare turns into a vouchers
Medicaide goes away
Title IX gone
Homophobic legislation
oh hell, anything to do with health, budgets, or anything else like taxes if you ain't rich

It is pretty obvious that they'd like us to believe that they're taking you back to the mythical '50s - though you may have the century wrong.  There must be something positive to say about these guys.

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