Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Whither The Paulistas ?

You would think that the Ron Paul supporters would have known they would get mugged at the GOP Convention.  I don't know what they thought the reaction would be to how well they worked the rules in the Caucuses and Delegate Selections but it certainly seems wishful thinking that the GOP would ignore it.  Well, the GOP didn't ignore it and has gone to lengths to keep things on track (non-Paul track) and following the script of Romney.  The Paul crowd doesn't seem to quite understand the authoritarianism inherent in both the GOP and particularly Romney.

They're going to have a few days to watch the GOP Convention follow its script and maybe actually think about it.  I'll be damned if I'm going to spend a page debunking bullshit that they think Paul stands for, I'll just go ahead and pretty much accept that they believe the things they say.  They are going to get absolutely not spit out of the GOP Platform, the speakers, or R-money.  It gets worse than that, the R/R campaign's foreign policy outfit is stuffed full of neo-cons; remember Iraq?  There is a stated desire to go to war with Iran... and others.  Whatever version of Anti-abortion you pick from the mess that is the GOP/R-money it is in direct opposition to the Paulista's position. (I already said I'm not debunking...)  As for the Drug War, any comparison between their positions is ludicrously divergent.  You can go on and on, and find about the only thing close is the Platform in regard to the Fed - and you can bet your first born that R-money isn't on board with that.  (maybe the 2nd Amendment, also; too)

The Paulistas get truly pissed-off if you bring up the racism of Paul - denying and stomping their feet, but since the R/R campaign is blatantly whistling up the race card there is that congruence; unless, of course, they actually mean their denials.  This brings about the crux of "Whither The Paulistas ?" because almost everything they say they believe is in direct opposition to R/R beyond the amorphous assertions about smaller government and that fails their included phrase "less intrusive."

No, Obama is not directly in line with the Paulista's themes, in fact he is pretty awful in regard to a lot of their stuff.  The question they have to ask themselves is which of the two actual candidates, c'mon nobody else is a factor, is less bad.  Yep, I said it - less bad, you know the "lesser of two evils."  What are they going to do with that?  There are options:
Vote the least bad real candidate - Obama (he is black)
Vote the most offensive candidate - r-Money (he isn't black)
Vote the protest candidate - whatever...
Stay the hell home

Really, I'd bet on splintering badly, the "not black", the protest candidate, staying home.  You may note that the lesser evil gets no consideration in my guess-work.  I'll even tell you why two thing drive that consideration - I'm pretty sure the denials of racism are horseshit and less intrusive government counts for nothing against SMALL government - FYIGM ( F*** You I Got Mine).  Like almost every small government bullshit booster; the second their break gets the axe they go ballistic.

I'm sorry Paulistas, you're as full of shit as your candidate is and as ignorant of history and consequences as most rocks.  The second you come on this blog and swarm me with promises to vote Obama I'll take it back.  Don't bother me with the protest candidate vote - it is outcome meaningless other than possibly tilting a very few places Obama.  And before you get all over me about being an Obama-ite, I see him as a lesser evil and have stated that repeatedly and kicked the Democrats for their corporatist outcomes.

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