Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rape Is Rape?

I suppose that if you're a part (VP) of the R-money campaign sudden 180 degree swerves, er - turns, um - flipperfloppers are sort of ordinary. It would seem from Paulie's terseness when pushed on the rape is rape line that he's had a really big change of heart in the last... I don't know, couple days. I say that recently since in January of 2011 he was one of the cretins pushing for the language in HR3 that contained the phrase "forcible rape" in place of "rape." This was about the third time around he'd made that play so "forcible rape" apparently held real meaning for him in his proudly held Pro-choice career. I don't know, maybe Mitt secretes a secretion of pheronomes that drives flipperflopperism. (you know kinda like that spermicidal secretion - also known as God's Little Shield) You don't suppose this'll put the wooden stake in the vampire heart of the "brave principled Ryan" media theme do you?

I'll admit I've heard Ryan repeat the "work requirement" Romney lie and I've heard him talk about the Prez "raiding Medicare" and even the "didn't build that" bullshit lies without any real pushback on his "honorableness." He is still the "brave thoughtfull budget hawk" despite voting for every one of BushCo's budget busting measures and proposing a budget that would explode the deficit even under favorable filling in of the details he refuses to provide - along with now being R-money's second on that guy's similar messy budget nonsense. I strongly doubt there'll be any such pushback on his mythological status since it seems the media has a macro for Ryan with those adjectives filled in.

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