Wednesday, August 15, 2012

R-money As CEO Of The USA ?

OK, lets just pretend for a few minutes that being the CEO of a company has everything to do with successfully being President of the United States of America.  (damn it, I said pretend) It does take something to run a business - I've done it for a couple decades and it wasn't easy.  Soooo....

Alright, now I've choked on the pretense so we'll get down to some real basic stuff about CEO Mitt.  First of all, a business is not a damned democracy - if you think I asked my construction crews what they wanted to do today, how they wanted to do it, and then held a vote... well, you're crazy.  It is a dictatorship, that doesn't mean you have to not care about the staff, but you're not exactly required to outside of laws and regulations.  R-money owned Bain and what he said is how things went, a democracy is a bit different.  He's run for two things, Senator from MA, which he lost, and Governor of MA which seems to be a job he doesn't want to talk about - despite regularly being introduced as Governor.  But we're talking about business...

I've spent most of my adult life in construction, a big portion of it as a contractor.  My products were important to me and to my customers - building houses and remodeling them means that if one falls apart I'm ruined in my wallet and my reputation.  That was not the case at Bain, whether a company they took over survived or failed meant not spit because they made a pile of money either way.  The quality of the product didn't matter in Mitt's business world  but it might very damn well matter to the citizenry of the USA if he ran it like Bain. 

If you were to ask yourself what consequences Mitt has ever faced you might understand why he does politics the way he does.

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