Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bye-bye Joey B...

Jumpin' Hayzeus On A Pogo-Stick...

Do you ever wonder just how long something patently stupidly irrelevantly ridiculous can live?  Oh my fucking god, Joe Biden said, "chains."  Now no shit, somebody actually asked the WH Press Secretary if the ticket was still Obama/Biden - in a White House Press Conference, where presumably you have to show you have some reason to be there.  I mean that you're not a paste eating crayon wielding three year old.

Today, Saturday, there was still a mention of this on CNN Newsroom.  Really.  Don't shake your head at me like I'm making shit up, really.

You might think it is some kind of sick joke if I tell you that the Boston Globe is demanding an apology from Biden - I've heard jokes that ought to make you want to throw up, but this ain't one... even if it should be.  Chains.

Oh, it was supposed to be shackles, as in "Wall Street unshackled."  Arggghhh.  Ever look at shackles?  They're chains.  The GOPer dumbass in charge said unshackled.  What was this, a reference to Wall Street as ni**er slaves to government?  WTF?  Lemmee see here...

Chained to a desk
Chained to a loveless marriage
Chained to foreign oil
How about -
Workers of the world unite, all you have to lose is your chains!

Maybe that last one means something in relation to this dispute.  Sure, I know where it comes from - want to dispute its accuracy in light of the US economy today and the politics of today?

It is as likely that Biden would be going away as it is that a three acre asteroid will smash this laptop before I hit "Publish."

Missed me, MFer

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